Makiko Miyamoto artist sculptor installation video experiential artist interior experiential designer
ag arnell group Frank Gehry Partners,
Ernesto Neto
Japan Japanese Tokyo Musabi Shizuoka Hamatsu Iwata New York Brooklyn Park Slope Soho west greenwich village suny stonybrook Stony Brook Stonybrook L.I. Long Island Dumbo West Lafayette Purdue University LA Los Angeles CA california Williamsburg PA Pittsburgh
SAC gallery, Student Activities Center Gallery, Garou Garou, garou garou, Purdue University Gallery, Robert L. Ringel Gallery, pittsburgh center for the arts, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Filmmakers Gallery, Facial Index, Atelier at 510 Laguardia Place
installation material spandex fabric stretch sound sound effects sound track visual visuals motion rubber latex motors mechanisms tents objects sculpture site-specific site specific
rave raves lounge clubs club bar bars restaurant restaurants hotels commercial space store stores shop shops retail space retail hospice hospital hideout hide-away enclosure space safe house getaway environment interior performance performance space dance theatre
protection nurture delicate fragile womb protective gentle safe immersive immerse holistic multi-sensory release relax positive zen reaffirming paradigm shift transcend transcendence transcendental physical psychological peace harmony balance acceptance wonder transform replenish invigorate vitality energize reset heal recuperate
life and death lifecycle life death growth birth incubation retreat haven sanctuary sensory nature natural biology biological human body organs organ heart womb skin mind soul spirit healing emotive touch feel hear audio see visual sense tactile timely relevant hopeful peaceful microscope microscopic microcosm reflect germination emergent disruptive cell microbe bacteria protozoa amoeba amoebic bacterial organic
mitosis metamorphosis sheathing fog cocoon shelter alpha organicize placenta nest between you and sky... zoo of (in)animate zoo:(in)animate animate zoo:(in)animate